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Andrea Fatone is the principal and founding attorney of Fatone Law, a firm dedicated to Criminal Defense and United States Immigration and Naturalization Law. Her practice is devoted to providing each client with the time and attention to detail that their case deserves.

Fluent in English and Spanish, she works closely with the Latino community, but welcomes the opportunity to work with people of all nationalities and backgrounds. Andrea understands that the United States legal system can be overwhelming, and at times, frightening and traumatic.

Andrea looks forward to providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions, guiding you through the intricacies of your case, and fighting tenaciously to protect your rights.

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Andrea Fatone


SATURDAY MAY, 23 2015 from 9am - 2pm



Please Bring:

          1.    Permanent resident card (green card)

2.   Two passport photos (2 in x 2 in, color)

3.    All police and/or court reports (if ever arrested/accused)

4.    List of addresses, work history and education (last five years)

5.    List of trips outside of the U.S. (last five years)

6.    Information about your spouse, information about you and your spouse’s previous marriages, and children’s information (name, date, place of birth and addresses)

7.    Fee Waiver: If you cannot pay the $680 filing fee please bring pay stubs, tax returns with W2’s of 2014 or 2013, proof that you or your family receive public assistance (SSI, Medi-Cal, food stamps, WIC, CalWorks, CashAid, TANF)


             We will help you fill out your citizenship application (N-400)

    We will help you fill out your fee waiver

                           Please call (209) 589-5767 for more information    

This was made possible by the Social Justice group of St. Frances, Mi Familia Vota, and many other dedicated volunteers.



U-VISA WORKSHOP March 27, 2015

Andrea Fatone

Who:        Presented by Immigration Attorney Andrea Fatone

What:      U-Nonimmigrant Visa Workshop

Free legal consultation regarding your eligibility for a U-Visa, then return to receive guidance in completing your U-Visa application

When:     Friday March 27, 2015 from 5-7PM

Where:    Haven Women’s Center of Stanislaus                                                                                    618 13th Street, Modesto, CA  95354

 Basic Eligibility:

  1. You are/were the victim of a violent crime

  2. You are suffering/have suffered physical and/or mental abuse

  3. You are/were helpful and cooperative in the investigation or prosecution of the violent crime

  4. The crime occurred in the U.S. or violated U.S. law